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Dr. Ajinkya Patil

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Dr. Ajinkya  Patil has graduated from KLE’S institute of dental sciences, Belgaum and further pursued his masters in orthodontics from SDM dental college, Dharwad. He is engaged in exclusive orthodontic practice since 2008.


Know Your Doctor :
Dr. Sneha Patil

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Dr.Sneha Patil has graduated from CODS Davangere, and received her masters from Rural dental college- PIMS loni. She is engaged in exclusive pedodontic practice since 2012. Presented scientific paper at the national conference of Indian society of  Pediatric and Preventive dentistry.


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I'm scared of the smell of any hospital or any clinic, But @ this clinic it's.....lovely. They remind me my appointment dates They also play beautiful music, have some great magazines. And the dr. Is so gentle with his/her patients . The best part is he/she is my buddy Dr.

Mahesh Sarda

I had been under treatment of Dr. Ajinkya Patil @ Oral Value. The results were awsome. My teeth are looking gorgeous now. Oral value was very beneficial to me especially it changed my appearance and my smile is tooo lovable now. I much more confident person now. Thanx Oral wishesh and keep spreading smiles

Narayani Pujari

Its not just about the beautiful smile, its surely about the confidence that comes with the smile.

Ketaki Burande

Thank u so much Dr.ajinkya patil for such a wonderful treatment. It has indeed increased the charm of ma are surely a proud to kop and all d best for your future.# Happy smiles Happy oraltreatment.....

Dimple Jain

Being a state level hand ball player always had a fear would orthodontic treatment affect my sports? All thanks to Dr.Ajinkya my treatment is done, my game had no effect and now I have a confident smile

Rohit Kolekar

It was a really good treatment. The doctor and the other staff were very friendly. The treatment has changed my look by a fair margin. It really feels good to have a nice jawline now .

Viraj Mulik

Like a sculpture in a stone puts life.. With 2yrs patience and hard work confidential smile borne fruit.. Thanks Dr. Ajinkya Patil and staff for shaping my smile.. hope you put more broad smiles.

Archana Swami Roshan Ratnani

Feeling amazing.... Awesome smile.... U have a hand of art... Doc and Staff u both were friendly... Thank you Dr. Ajinkya patil...

Manish Bagade

Very good treatment, clean hospital and they run on time, staff very cooperative. After treatment my smile has become more beautiful. Thanks to Dr and their total team.

Kavita Raibage

Excellent service and Clean clinic.

Suraj Shah

Had a great experience and treated with good service My smile has become very attractive All credit goes to Dr Ajinkya Thankyou so much !!

Pratik Lagare

I got my Smile because of the precision of alignment of teeth. Cooperative and Professional people.

Jyoti Patil

Oral value is one of the inspirations for my clinic Dentech !!! Best wishes n compliments !!!

Bhushan Patil

I had a nice experience at Oral Value. Sir explains everything very nicely. The staff is also cooperative. Thank you so much

Sucha kamate

Truly amazing experience. The doctor explains everything's very perfectly as well as the staff is very cooperative ._thank you oral value.

Vinita Ashok jha

Treatment was very very good.Now I've gained an awesome smile. Thank you so much...........!

Shruti Sunil Patil

Awesome smile....Very good treatment....Good service....Dr and staff u both were friendly.... Thank you Oral Value....

Rutuja Naik

I am all complacent and happy with my dental health since I started treatment in oral value. Better outcomes are guaranteed here. Thank u so much

Sayali Anil Kapase

Dr. Ajinkya patil is an excellent orthodontist whose main priority is to make sure his patients comfort and get the best dentistry he can offer with his staff A proper guidance given by the doctor to me as it was without removing any of my teeth. After 1.3 yrs of effective process, I can smile confidently with my all 32' I definitely recommend to ORALVALUE for your Orthodontic Problems Thank you

Vinayak Marathe