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Know Your Doctor : Dr. Ajinkya Patil

Dr. Ajinkya  Patil has graduated from KLE’S institute of dental sciences, Belgaum and further pursued his masters in orthodontics from SDM dental college, Dharwad. He is engaged in exclusive orthodontic practice since 2008.

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Know Your Doctor : Dr. Sneha Patil

Dr.Sneha Patil has graduated from CODS Davangere, and received her masters from Rural dental college- PIMS loni. She is engaged in exclusive pedodontic practice since 2012. Presented scientific paper at the national conference of Indian society of  Pediatric and Preventive dentistry.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Food caught between teeth?
This is not an emergency, but can be a little uncomfortable or embarrassing for the orthodontic patient. It is easily fixed with a piece of dental floss or use an interproximal brush to dislodge food caught between teeth and braces, gargle frequently.
Ligatures come off?
Tiny rubber bands or small fine wires known as ligatures hold the wire to the bracket. If a rubber ligature should come off or if a wire ligature comes loose simply remove it with sterile tweezers. If the wire ligature is sticking out into the lip but is not loose, it may be bent back down with a pencil eraser to eliminate the irritation. Further call up the clinic for an appointment
It’s normal for a patient to have discomfort for a day or two after braces or retainers are adjusted, it can make eating uncomfortable. Reassure that the discomfort is both normal and temporary. Have soft food diet in this period.
Mouth sores?
Some patients are susceptible to episodes of mouth sores. While braces do not cause them, they may be precipitated or exacerbated by an irritation from braces. One or several areas of ulceration of the cheeks, lips or tongue may appear. Prompt relief may be achieved by applying a small amount of topical anaesthetic directly to the ulcerated surface using a cotton swab. Reapply as needed.
Irritation of Lips or cheeks?
Sometimes new braces can be irritating to the mouth, especially when the patient is eating. A small amount of non-medicinal relief wax makes an excellent buffer between metal and mouth. Simply pinch off a small piece and roll it into a ball flatten the ball and place it completely over the area of the braces causing irritation. The patient may then eat more comfortably. Know that if the wax is accidentally ingested, it’s not a problem.
Protruding Wire?
Occasionally, the end of a wire may move out of place and irritate the patient’s mouth. Use pencil eraser to push the wire so that it is flat against the tooth. If the wire cannot be moved into a comfortable position, cover it with relief wax, Take an appointment. In a situation where the wire is extremely bothersome and the patient will not be able to see the orthodontist anytime soon, last resort is to get the wire cut from your dentist.
Loose Brackets or Bands?
If the braces or bands attached are loose in any way, the parent/guardian should call the orthodontist take an appointment for appropriate steps. In all cases avoid eating hard and sticky food.