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Treatment Modalities

Oral value believes in quality orthodontic care using best of the materials that shall increase the patient comfort without increasing the treatment duration.

Damon Braces

The all new Damon System is a passive self Ligating appliance which is also known to be a bone developing appliance. It is light in weight, needs fewer appointments and is more comfortable. Damon™ Smile braces are a good option for patients who desire a method that is quick, convenient, and discreet.

Damon Smile technology is different because it helps to guide teeth gently into place by reducing the amount of force. When you can wear braces in comfort, the process becomes much less intimidating. The slide mechanism facilitates more comfortable repositioning of your teeth.

Conventional Metallic Braces

Conventional metallic braces make use of the straight wire technique that best suite most of the patient needs. However these require stabilization of wires using ligature wires or elastomeric rings thus maintenance of oral hygiene is demanding. It could be fun using them with colourful elastomeric rings.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made of ceramic material that makes them appear invisible on the teeth. These are aesthetically superior more over opted by adults and best suites the need of those who object the metallic look.

Ceramic Braces

Self Ligating Braces

Self Ligating Braces

Self Ligating Braces are advanced than the conventional braces that help in making the appointment shorter, reduce the number of visits, and correct the tooth position faster. The oral hygiene maintenance is comparatively better.


Ceramic Self Ligating Braces

Ceramic Self Ligating brackets combines best of both the treatment modalities wherein the number of visits are reduced as well as the aesthetic look is preserved.


Ceramic self ligating

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces are the ones attached to the inner surface of the teeth making them invisible. These provide the best solution for aesthetics. However more demanding in terms of patient cooperation.


Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are form of plastic splints wrapped around the teeth which are practically invisible. These differ from other fixed treatment modalities since these are removable. However complex tooth movements are difficult using aligners.


Clear Aligners in kolhapur